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Survey of pesticide industry in China

This report analyzes main influencing factors on Chinese pesticide industry development, the importance of pesticide registration, consumption structure, price, production technology, import and export situation, main technical/formulation enterprises. In addition, future development trend of pesticide industry was predicted.

Report shows that China now plays an important role in pesticide production in the world. Currently, it is the biggest pesticide producer and also a huge pesticide consumption market due to its vast sustainable tillage area.

In recent years, Chinese pesticide industry has got rapid development. Pesticide production output is growing quickly, up to 24.94% of CAGR (2001-2009). Especially for the herbicide industry, it has witnessed quick development in recent two years and become the largest pesticide category. Form Jan. 2010 to Nov. 2010, the national herbicides production reached as much as 99.4 tonnes.

However, there are many problems in pesticide industry in China, such as overcapacity for most pesticide varieties due to blind capacity expansion without proper management from related departments, too many small manufacturers with inefficient production technologies, few companies with international competitiveness due to capital shortage, little well-known brand, still serious pollution problems of discharge, etc. Currently, other factors such as global economic crisis, increased RMB appreciation, etc., are greatly influencing the development of China’s pesticide industry.

CCM’s researcher Wen'ou Li said existing pesticide varieties in China are generic pesticide, such as glyphosate and mancozeb, chlorpyrifos, etc. The production of these pesticides accounts for approximately 80% of the total annual output, but at the same time producers are facing serious overcapacity and low operation rate. Taking chlorpyrifos for example, the operation rate of chlorpyrifos in 2010 was around 34%. As a relatively simple production technical requirements, mature production process route and sufficient supply of raw materials, many manufacturers in China are blindly optimistic about the future prospect. Without comprehensive evaluation and loose approval for new projects, the overcapacity of pesticide is still prevails in China.

Through macro-control, government policy, and reasonable allocation of market resources, Chinese pesticide industry still has good prospect. Two industrial policies, namely “Pesticide Industry Policy” and “Pesticide Production Entrance Conditions”, are to be soon released to accelerate China’s pesticide industrial restructure. The existing high toxic pesticides will also be phased out, which will greatly change current production structure in the near future.

Agriculture leading enterprises actively set up large enterprise group through mergers and reorganization, to promote large-scale and production of many pesticide varieties. It is foreseeable that in the near future, large-scale enterprise group in China will play a vital role in international pesticide industry. Chinese pesticide market will face more and more challenges and risks, meanwhile, they will have more business opportunities.

by S. C.
10 march 2011, World News > Asia