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India is the 45th country of the OIV

At the moment India represents just the 2.6% of the world production, but it can grows

India is now the 45th member of the OIV (Office International de La vigne ed du Vin). With its 71,400 hectares of vines, it represents the 1% of the world vine land and the 2.6% of the world production.
The vine has an ancient history in India, since it was probably introduced by Persians 3,000 years before Christ. The main diffusion of viticulture took place in the seventeenth century in the Portuguese colony of Goa.

In the last fifteen years, because of the improvement of the economic conditions, the westernization of a large part of the population and a fashion phenomenon, the wine production is constantly increasing. The 80% of the Indian production takes place in the Maharashtra State, and in particular in the districts of Nasik, Solapur, Sangali and Pune. There are also two other production areas: one in the North, in the Himachal district, and one in the South, in the Bangalore district.

In the last years India reached an internal demand of 13 million liters, with a strong and constant increase every year.

by S. C.
01 august 2011, World News > Asia