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Indian milk consumption to surpass production by 2013-14

With demand expected to significantly outpace supply in the coming years, India may not have enough milk to feed its own population

A study undertaken by IMARC Group, one of the worlds’s leading research and advisory firms, reveals that driven by a strong growth in both urban and rural incomes, the demand of milk in India is expected to increase at 5-6% in the in the coming years. Milk production, on the other hand, is expected to grow by a mere 3-4%. Estimates from the study suggest that from a milk surplus in 2010-11, India will witness a milk deficit in 2013-14. The report suggests that if current trends are allowed to continue, India may have to import around 12 million MT of milk from other countries by 2020-21.

The study entitled “Indian Dairy Market Report & Forecast 2011-2016” has been undertaken using both desk-based research and two waves of qualitative primary market research. This study has analyzed three aspects of the Indian Dairy Market. The first section quantifies the Indian dairy market into fourteen major classes and investigates the current and future opportunities in each of these classes. The second section involves an in-depth understanding of dairy consumption patterns among Indian consumers and the potential of value added dairy products. The third section investigates the usage of natural colouration in dairy products and evaluates their current and future potential.

by S. C.
07 november 2011, World News > Asia