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Proper organic fertiliser usage

Farmers in Vietnam need to use organic fertiliser in a more efficient and effective manner. Better farming behaviour is needed in order for the country to reduce its overall environmental pollution without making compromises on the productivity.

Current figures about the efficiency of fertilizer usage are estimated to be lower than 50 percent. This low performance indicates that more than half of the fertilizers used on the farming fields remains in the soil. If fertilizers components build up to much in the soil this could have a devastating effect for the health of the soil.

Specialist in the fertilizer production industry stated that a study has been carried out on better fertilizer usage and the result of this needs to be applied in the field as soon as possible. Another specialist from a fertilizer company also indicated that it is important for rising adoption and implementation of good agricultural practices in order to reduce farming costs and increase profits.

by S. C.
24 december 2011, World News > Asia