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Market of rice insecticides to keep on increasing

As one of key rice planting countries, China’s rice planting area exceeds 29.63 million hectares, accounting for about 18.9% of the total rice planting area in the world and 18.68% of China's total crop planting area. The domestic consumption of rice insecticides on rice accounts for about 10% of the total pesticide consumption in China.

In recent years, many MNCs have attached great importance to the promotion of rice insecticides in China, which intensified the market competition of rice insecticides in China. It is certain that the market size of rice insecticides will keep on increasing and the market competition will become fiercer in the following years, signifying more opportunities and challenges in the rice insecticides market in China.

Currently, the share of chlorpyrifos is the largest by volume and the share of abamectin is the largest by value in China’s rice insecticide market.

The rice insecticide market will mainly follow the trend of low toxicity, practical effectiveness and environmental friendliness, influenced by the occurrence and resistance of rice insects, as well as the development of crops.

It is predicted that the market share of pymetrozine and imidacloprid will enlarge, and acephate will lose some market share, and the share of other major rice insecticides will be relatively stable.

More details about the future development of China’s rice insecticides market will be presented in CCM International’s new report of Survey of Rice Insecticides in China. The report gives you a comprehensive understanding of China’s rice insecticides market from aspects of supply, demand, major products, MNCs’ dynamic, future development, etc.

by S. C.
27 december 2011, World News > Asia