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From 1 January, 2012, glyphosate 10% SL can't be sold in China

CCM International’s December Issue of Glyphsoate China Monthly Report has been published on December 20th, 2012. The news that Glyphosate 10% is forbidden to be sold in China attracts much attention.

From January 1, 2012, glyphosate 10% SL can't be sold and all forms of glyphosate 10% SL will be considered as illegal products. Actually, the Chinese government has announced the forbidden registration of glyphosate 10% SL from 2010.

The main reason why the Chinese government decided to ban the registration and use of glyphosate 10% SL is because that glyphosate 10% SL produced from glyphosate mother liquid is harmful to the environment, as it contains some untreated constituents such as formaldehyde and heavy metal.

Glyphosate 10% SL used to be the most popular herbicide in China and dominated over 70% of the domestic glyphosate market before 2009. According to the registration data from ICAMA, China had more than 250 registrations of glyphosate 10% SL before 2009. The output of glyphosate 10% SL was estimated to be over 600,000 tonnes and the consumption volume was 400,000 tonnes in China in 2008. Chinese producers usually sell 10% SL in local markets that is close to their production sites to reduce high transportation cost.

There are two main reasons why glyphosate 10% SL was so popular in the past. The first and the most important one is that glyphosate 10% SL could be produced from glyphosate mother liquid, so glyphosate technical manufacturers could escape from treating glyphosate mother liquid, which required high technology and much cost. The second one is that glyphosate 10% SL is the earliest specification which had been introduced to the market by domestic producers in the 1980s, and Chinese farmers are familiar with this easy-to-use formulation.

by S. C.
10 january 2012, World News > Asia