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Potato crop yield suffer due to rain

The Potato industry in the Punjab region of India are expecting a sharp reduction in the production output. The sharp fall of potato production has been blamed on weather circumstances which were all but favourable for this industry.

Just about the same growers had been dumping their produce on the road a couple of months ago, due to protest against low prices for their crop. Not only the growers will see an impact on their yield and thus profits, but the whole chain of the potato industry. Suppliers of equipment for instance for the baby carrot processing, potato peeler or other food processing machines, will also feel the shockwave.

The damaging effect on the overall production of crop in the Punjab region has been estimated to be between 20 and 30 percent. The growers have indicated that the rain mainly caused havoc for varieties like Pukhraj and Jyoti in the region of Jalandhar and Kapurthala. These regions are known for their potato seed production.

by S. C.
14 february 2012, World News > Asia