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Philippines: grocery sales to grow 6.6% to 2016

According to the report “Philippines Food and Drink Report 2012” per capita food consumption in the Philippines is forecast to grow 3.8% by 2016. Alcoholic drinks sales will also rise by 6.4%, soft drinks by 7.4% and mass grocery retail sales to 6.6%.

WTO's Ruling Has Mixed Implications For Spirits Industry: A recent ruling by the WTO (World Trade Organisation) confirmed that the Philippines' high excise taxes on imported spirits are inconsistent with the WTO's regulation that member states are not allowed to tax imported spirits differently from domestically produced spirits. On the one hand, WTO's ruling could level the playing field between imported and domestically produced spirits in the Philippines, in turn providing the local spirits sector with greater dynamism.

US-based doughnut and coffee chain Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has entered an agreement with Philippines-based franchise The Real American Doughnut Company to launch 23 outlets in the Philippines over the next five years. Meanwhile, Philippine healthcare product manufacturer Splash plans to acquire an 80% stake in food producer Barrio Fiesta Manufacturing for PHP472mn (US$11.1mn). The purchase excludes the Barrio Fiesta restaurant brand. Splash is keen to develop the Barrio Fiesta name into a core player in the local food market, at first promoting a line of condiments and essential foodstuffs.

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20 february 2012, World News > Asia