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"The tomato diet" method which is in fashion in Japan

PULES announces Android app which supports the tomato diet which is much in fashion in Japan.

PULES which provides Internet services in Japan opened Android app "Dietomato" which supports a tomato diet to Google Play on May 14, 2012.

The concept of this application is enabling it to continue a tomato diet correctly.

A tomato diet is one of the how to keep fit which can clean skin, or can raise basal metabolism and can become thin, when we eat a tomato at the time of supper.

In Japan, since the research team of Kyoto University announced in February, 2012 that there is an effect which burns fat in a tomato, as for the tomato diet, popularity has taken off increasingly.

As for a diet, it is important to carry out continuously reasonable.
However, if you carry out by the method which made a mistake in the diet, as for you, the danger of growing fat further or becoming anorexic etc. also has you.

If you use this app, you can study the right way of a tomato diet, an app can check the situation of a diet every day, or you can see the recipe of a tomato dish, and it will support continuation of your tomato diet.

by S. C.
16 may 2012, World News > Asia