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Chinese spirit industry has a rapid increase speed overall

Spirits are the traditional distillate spirits of China, which are well-known in China and overseas because of the long history and its unique technologies. China’s spirits are one of the six famous distillate spirits in the world (the rest of them are separately Brandy, Whisky, Rum, Vodka and Aurum).

In the period of “the 12th Five-year-Planning”, the government will forcefully promote the development of the spirit industry. It introduced the instructions on strengthening the circulation and management of the liquor. The policies consist of reducing the circulation links, improving the circulation efficiency and supporting some powerful regions to establish the cross-regional, national and even international prompt liquor exchange trading centers and so on. Liquor businessmen are banned to sell liquor products to minors and the phenomenon of drunk driving will be punished severely. The liquor consumption culture of “scientific, rational and civilized drinking wine” is advocated. Suppressing the bad social phenomena is conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the spirit industry.

During 2007 and 2011, the market share of Chinese spirit manufacturing expanded constantly, and the average increase speed of sum sales of spirit industry during the four years was 31.36%, higher than the average increase speed of the industry which was with 22.72%. During January and December in 2011, the sales revenue of spirit manufacturing reached CNY 374. 6672 billion, with an increase of 40.25%, continually higher than the average level of industry which was with the increase speed of 27.23%. It indicates that Chinese spirit industry has a rapid increase speed overall.

Classified by the alcohol content, distillate spirits can be divided into high-alcohol spirits (over 50% vol), alcohol-reducing spirits (40% to 50% vol) and low-alcohol spirits (below 40% vol). The alcohol content of distillate spirits in the world are mostly around 40% vol. Compared with that of China, the alcohol content is much lower. Some developed countries in the world also make a strict regulation for imported spirits.

With the forming of the healthy consumption consciousness and the improvement of consumption level, the guidance of national macro polities and the customers’ understandings of the harm of high-alcohol and strong drinks, the consumption of spirits is changed into the low-alcohol spirit. With the development for several years, the low-alcohol spirit has the fast growth, which becomes a mainstream development trend. Low-alcohol, quality and alcohol-reducing spirits gradually become the market mainstream.

To realize the fast and better development, low-alcohol spirit industry must use the economic concepts and knowledge to achieve technology innovations. Changing the traditional spirit industry and solving a series of problems in the production process of low-alcohol spirits, it also can promote the development of brewing technology therefore.

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