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Essential oils production represents a business opportunity in South East Asia

Asia Plantation Capital (APC) is fast becoming a market leader in the production of sustainable plantation Oud Oils. Buoyed up by this success they have started establishing plantations of patchouli across Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Patchouli is a large perennial plant that offers several harvests each year of precious leaves that are carefully processed and distilled to produce Patchouli Oil, a valued essential oil which yields a deep, earthy & musky aroma from carefully distilled and aged viscous amber oil.

Such is the demand for this oil that patchouli leaves have become a recent victim of the world’s insatiable demand for luxury goods and fragrances. Demand now has reached critical levels and traditional farmers using old, antiquated and inconsistent distillation & processing methods struggle to maintain supplies to the world’s rapidly expanding fragrance industry.

Like its more valuable and highly esteemed relation the essential oil Oud, there is no acceptable synthetic alternative that comes close to replicating the characteristics and essence of high quality naturally produced oils. Patchouli Oil is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most widely used ingredients in fragrance.

Asia Plantation Capital, with their wealth of experience in the production of sustainable plantation Oud Oils, have expanded into this high value agro-forestry area establishing patchouli plantations in prime locations across the region. APC will be ready to supply, under contract, raw Patchouli Oils. State of the art distillation and purification factories are being built by the company to ensure consistent high quality and sustainable supplies of Patchouli Oils to the international fragrance industry alongside our pure Oud Oils.

Shaima Matar, Director of Oud and Essential Oils for APC in Dubai advises that:-

“During our business activities over the last year we have noticed every major buyer has been asking us if we can supply quality Patchouli Oils”. Due to inconsistent and poor quality supplies currently in the market many buyers are forced to stock-hold quality Patchouli Oil when they can find it. “Patchouli is native to South East Asia and a perfect species to cultivate with our existing Agarwood, Teak and other plantation species”.

Following successful initial trails in Thailand where patchouli is a native species APC is now planting approximately 5,000 acres of Patchouli which will supply around 100,000 tonnes of patchouli leaves annually with harvests every two to three months throughout the year. As with Oud Oil, careful aging of Patchouli Oil also increases its value.

Fragrance Du Bois will be using Patchouli and Oud Oils from APC plantations and distilleries in its own fragrance range and shops being launched this year.

by S. C.
05 july 2012, World News > Asia