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China’s dairy product industry rapidly develops

Functional dairy products are a kind of food made out of the design for common food through physical, biological chemistry and biological engineering and other methods. Meanwhile, it has functions of improving human immunological functions, adjusting body conditions, preventing diseases, inhabiting fading and recovering health, etc. According to the research for recent 20 years, the varieties of functional food are increasing and it will become one of major products of future food industry.

In recent ten years, China’s dairy product industry rapidly develops and achieves great success, with complete product varieties, advanced technology equipment and a certain scale. By 2012, the output of dairy products reaches 28 million tons, among which dry dairy products achieve 3.5 million tons; liquid dairy products reach 24.50 million tons. It is expected that by 2020, the output of China’s dairy products will reach 60 million tons and the dairy product volume per capita will be over 42 kilograms. With the continuous increase of China’s macro economy and the development of urbanization, the total consumption of China’s dairy products and consumption level per capita will obviously increase. Moreover, functional dairy products account for a large market share among it.

The varieties of functional dairy products are numerous, from traditional fermented yoghourt to the existing milk powder with nutrition formulations, probiotics products and so on. In line with different physiological regulation effects, functional dairy products can be mainly divided into following categories. Firstly, it is the dairy product for the stimulation of human gastrointestinal tract health, such as probiotics products, products added with prebiotics and low or non-milk sugar dairy products. Secondly, it is the dairy product for stimulation of cardiovascular health, for example, products for the control of high blood pressure and cholesterol. Thirdly, it is the product for the increase of human body immunization. Fourthly, it is the dairy product for the treatment of osteoporosis.

According to the survey, in overseas dairy product market, high-end functional dairy products accounts for over 10% of the market share. On the contrary, domestic functional dairy products are in the starting period. However, in terms of China’s dairy product industry, the future research hotspots of functional dairy products should be understood. It is known that blood pressure lowering, lipid-decreasing and calcium supplement functional dairy product will be the hot research and development points in the future.

However, there are still some problems in China’s functional dairy product industry. Firstly, the weak basic research makes effects of functional dairy product doubted. Moreover, most of products are added with various additives and the actual technological content of manufacturers is not high which needs to be improved. In addition, the publicity of functional dairy products exaggerates its real effects, which makes customers distasteful. Finally, the market supervision on functional dairy products is lagged. It can be concluded that the development of functional dairy product industry require joint efforts of manufacturers, market and the society. All in all, functional dairy product industry still has a bright development prospect.

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