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Onion peeler and growers ask for anti-smuggling actions

Onion growers in the Philippines have asked the customs to put a halt on the smuggling of onions coming in to the country. It seems that a lot of smuggling of onions take place form countries like India and China into the Philippines. The whole of the onion industry needs to be aware of this problem.

Onion peeler manufacturers or importers for instance need to take a stand on this issue. Also other vegetable industry need to know what is coming into the country. Manufacturers of vegetable peelers and for instance baby carrot processing equipment need to take notice of potential smuggling of vegetables within their scope of interest.

Local onion growers have issued a statement in which they indicate that red onions from India and white onions from China are being sold at prices which hurt the local production. They indicated that they have information about onion smuggling which takes place at regular intervals.

by S. C.
10 november 2012, World News > Asia