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4th International Forum on Sustainable Tea Development

Organized by the China Tea Marketing Association, under the high patronage of the
Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, on Friday 21 June, Beijing
will host the “4th International Forum on Sustainable Tea Development”.

This event is held in conjunction with the “Beijing International Tea Expo 2013”
(June 20 to 23).

The Forum's work will be opened with the keynote speech of the National Delegate
(Italy) for the Tea at FAO, and president of the international Slow Tea Association,
Mr. Marco Bertona, titled: Quality and sustainability. For a good, clean and fair Tea.

The "4th International Forum on Sustainable Tea Development" international guest
speakers and tea experts will include, among others: research workers from Tea Research
Institutes, representatives of the Tea Board of India and Sri Lanka, and the spokesmen
of the main international certification bodies for the tea industry (Ethical Tea
Partnership, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ).

The Forum is supported by the International Tea Committee and Solidaridad Network.

To receive the detailed programme, please contact Slow Tea at:

Slow Tea International –

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