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Different countries associated with rice production

Rice is the staple food of most people of the world. Most of the rice production comes from the different Asian countries such as India, China, Bangladesh and many others. It is a mainstay and food security for rural people. Mainly small farmers are in cultivation of rice. Then the rice is purchased by big merchants and business people and they supply and export it to the different countries across the globe.

Rice is vital food for nutrients for most of the people in Asian countries. Let us discuss on country wise rice production.

China is known as the world’s largest rice production country. Its crops makes a little less than half of the total grain. 26% of all of the world’s rice production is from China. China has the suitable condition of weather and water for the rice which is the main feature it has for rice production.

India has the largest area for rice harvesting of the world. Most people in India use rice in their daily food and as staple food. India is the world’s largest producer of white rice and brown rice. It accounts for around 20% of the world’s production. Indian Basmati rice such as 1121 Basmati Rice, 1121 Sella Basmati Rice, and other rice became most popular in the world.

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Indonesia is considered as the third largest country of rice production in the world. Rice production is the important part of the national economy. But still they are rice importer. Indonesia consists of world’s largest per capita rice consumption.

One more Asian country of rice production is Bangladesh. Around 13 million farm families are there in who grow many different types of rice such as modern rice, traditional rice and other types of rice. This country is also having the high amount of per capita rice consumption. Global rank for rice production of Bangladesh is 4.

Vietnam is one of the richest regions in agriculture. About 52% of rice produced in Mekong River Delta and 18% in the Red River Delta. Most of the population in this country is engaged in rice cultivation. Rice is the staple food in of the national diet in this country. It is called white gold in Vietnam. It is the fifth largest producer of rice.

Thailand is the sixth largest rice producer country. Rice production is the significant portion in Thailand. Its Jasmine rice is very popular.

There are many countries which are producing rice and exporting worldwide.

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