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Reduced water flows to cause power disruptions in Europe

The study conjointly predicted the chance of maximum reductions in thermoelectric power generation can, on average, jump by an element of 3 throughout the amount.

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How is food labelling within the EU going to change?

Back in December food labelling within the EU got a whole lot more complicated, by the publication into law of the food information to consumer regulations 2011

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New directive on fruit juice in EU

The new European rule reflects the requires in recognised international standards, including the Codex General Standard for fruit juices and nectars

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EU organic logo fully up and running from 1 July 2012

The logo will stay optional for non-packed and imported organic products. Other private, regional or national logos will continue to be allowed to appear alongside the EU label

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Remain vigilant to avoid food poisoning in Spain

Simpson Millar LLP take a deeper look into the Health Protection Agency and report which details some of the most common illnesses contracted abroad by holidaymakers

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