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£100,000 fund to help farmers protect wildlife and manage flood risk

Twelve boards across England have been awarded extra funding to support innovative projects which protect communities or improve the local natural environment

S. C.

A natural sweetener derived from the leaves of a Paraguayan plant Stevia rebaudiana

The natural sweetener Stevia has now received safety approval from the European Commission

S. C.

Attack on olive oil consumption in Denmark

The introduction of a new 7.1 % tax per liter of olive oil is an irrational and ineffective decision by the Parliament of a country which has not been able to face with success the serious problem of obesity. The opinion of two authoritative scholars: Giuseppe Caramia and Francesco Visioli

Luigi Caricato

€ 30.1 million EU support for the promotion of agricultural products in third countries

The selected programmes cover fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, milk and milk products, PDOs, PGIs and TSGs, organic food and farming, olive oil, wine and spirits, cereals and rice, horticulture and meat

S. C.

Turkey will become soon the second largest olive oil producer

Incentives provided by the Ministry of Agriculture helped increase olive and olive oil production in Turkey. Exports expected to reach $5 bln by 2023

S. C.

In the right direction the EU legislation about GMOs

Two reports were carried out by independent consultants. The documents, published today, also note that some adjustments are necessary for the protection of health and the environment and the creation of an internal market

Graziano Alderighi

The Co-operative moves on palm oil

The retailer is purchasing accredited GreenPalm certificates from a co-operative of smallholders who are producing sustainable palm oil

R. T.

Olive oil exports up in Almeria

Almeria’s olives for this year have been grown on 19,312 hectares of olive groves throughout the province

R. T.

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