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Public health risks of table eggs due to deterioration and development of pathogens

Efsa reccomended new studies on risk assessment exploring the effect of different temperatures of storage of eggs on the risk posed by egg borne pathogens such as S. Enteritidis, and to investigate the occurrence and control of microorganisms during industrial production of egg products

S. C.

CVC-operation Deoleo. Who is trying to blow up the financial operation?

CVC Partners destined to take control of the Spanish Deoleo but someone is still trying to row against the deal. Is just speculation?


Insect-resistant genetically modified cotton MON 15985 for food and feed uses

The EFSA GMO Panel could not conclude on the potential occurrence of unintended effects for agronomic and phenotypic characteristics owing to data limitations

R. T.

Finland’s love of milk has been traced back to 2500 BC

Scientific results show a clear link between an incoming pre-historic population, milk drinking and the ability to digest milk in adulthood still visible in the genetic distribution of modern Finland

S. C.

EU adopts its position on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms

The Council today adopted its first-reading position on a draft directive granting to member states more flexibility to decide whether or not they wish to cultivate genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on their territory

S. C.

UK supermarkets minimise price rises for the cheapest alcohol when taxes are increased

Supermarkets could be hindering efforts to reduce harmful drinking. Retailers 'under-shifting' their cheaper alcohol products to avoid passing tax increases onto customers

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What “Italian” extra virgin olive oil was sold in Germany?

The supermarket Rewe under investigation. The group would buy huge quantities of oil rancid or obtained from suspicious mixtures connected with the Italian police operations Arbequino and Fuente

S. C.

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation launches an App for kids: "MedDiet Chef"

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation launches an App for kids: " MedDiet Chef ", as one of the most outstanding and innovative activities of the European Project MedDiet: Mediterranean Diet and enhancement of traditional foodstuff

S. C.

Olive oil Spanish producers are envy and angry

Grow up olive oil exports but not olive oil prices. Different the trend in the major producing countries in the euro zone. Spanish farmers denounce "speculative and abusive practices of the three major traders, Sovena, Migasa and Deoleo, representing a market share of 75%"

S. C.

Irregular flowering in olive groves in Spain

The weather in the coming weeks will determine the extent of the crops but the situation is already compromised where it is harvested very late. The association Asaja calls for " prudence and caution"


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