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U-turn of EU on restaurant ban on olive oil in jugs

European Union Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos performed a U-turn that spawned a string of Twitter gags and reaction. According to the New York Times, Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands called it “too bizarre for words.” "This is exactly the sort of thing that Europe shouldn't even be discussing," said British Prime Minister David Cameron

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EFSA assesses risks to bees from fipronil

The insecticide fipronil poses a high acute risk to honeybees when used as a seed treatment for maize

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Europe to proceed with plan to better protect bees

The proposal restricts the use of 3 neonicotinoids (clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiametoxam) for seed treatment, soil application (granules) and foliar treatment on bee attractive plants and cereals

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EU to recover €230 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States

This money returns to the EU budget because of non-compliance with EU rules or inadequate control procedures on agricultural expenditure

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Turkey is the world’s seventh-largest agricultural producer

Small farms in Turkey are threatening productivity in the agricultural sector and provide a meagre living for workers in this sector

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Global Champagne shipments were down 3.4% in 2012

The largest export markets, the UK, the US and Germany, all saw volume declines. China,
Australia, Russia and Nigeria also saw double-digit rises

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United Kingdom reduces duty on beer

The UK government is to reduce beer duty by 1p ($0.02) per pint. The duty escalator remains in place only for spirits, wine and cider

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Vegan diet interest averaging 30-40% points higher on Google in 2013

Vegfest UK London Festival at Kensington Olympia Exhibition Centre to showcase new vegan diet products and services to a 40% increased audience, hungry to investigate a healthier, more sustainable and ethical lifestyle

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"Château" wine should mean the same for everyone

The US wine association's definition of "Château" differs from the EU's. So if the European Commission plans to allow "Château" labels to be used on American wines sold in the EU, then they must meet EU quality standards

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Step into spring with energy efficient windows

UK are promoting a more energy efficient lifestyle for everyone with a plethora of energy efficient measures that can reduce energy use and also make a home feel warmer

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