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Reform of the EU's agricultural policy

Agricultural spending accounts for about 41% of the European Union's annual budget
and has been at the heart of EU policy since the very start of the European project.

S. C.

Evaluation of CAP measures applied to the wine sector

A research has been published that analyses the effects of the measures included in the CMO wine reforms of 2008 and examines the period 2001 – 2011 for 18 EU Member States

S. C.

The prices of the extra virgin will grow in the coming months

For Infaoliva the Spanish olive harvest may close worse than expected, to 600,000 tons, with a consequent increase of the price that could break the barrier of 3 € / kg

Ernesto Vania

Europe approves new rules on foods for vulnerable persons

The new regulation seeks to clarify the legal framework relating to these foods for certain vulnerable persons such as babies and young children

S. C.

EU against cruel shark practice extra bite

European Parlament voted on 22 November to close a loophole in the current ban on shark finning, which will make it easier to catch out perpetrators of this cruel practice.

S. C.

Ten famous famous EU food names protected in China

"Grana Padano", "Prosciutto di Parma" and "White Stilton cheese" / "Blue Stilton cheese" were the last of 10 EU names that have been protected as Geographical Indications in China as part of the so-called "10+10 project"


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