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UK food and drink industry continued to grow

Around 16,000 food jobs still available in the UK, the sector could be one of the most important sectors to reduce unemployment

S. C.

The Vienna housing market continues to boom

The great demand for properties and the simultaneous decline of offers has led to a jump in real estate prices. In the meantime, the renter’s market is recovering

S. C.

What will happen to European olive sector till 2020?

The prospects have been established on the basis of a detailed statistical analysis that takes into account the main historical trends and the foreseeable evolution of the sector over the next years

Alberto Grimelli

For France Monini is the best extra virgin olive oil

According to the tests of the French Institut National de la Consummation, the extra virgin olive oil Monini from Umbria, Italy, shows the best sensorial and organoleptic characteristics

S. C.

Claudia Inés Quini is new head of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine

The first woman president of Oiv. Born in the Argentinean region of Mendoza, she is specialized in management and research in the vitivinicultural domain


Spanish millenium olive trees are not so old

North-East Spain is home to historical and enormous olive trees, but they are noit so old. The oldest is to be found in the Catalan region of Montsià and is 627 years old

S. C.

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