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Because of the continuous food alarms, the organic market keeps growing

In Germany the scandal of the animal feeds contaminated by dioxin is producing a great increase in the consumption of organic foods

According to a recent survey by the Emnid Institute, almost one third of the consumers is not trusting anymore in normal products and buys the organic ones only. This is particularly true for over 65 people: the 44% of them has the intention to buy organic foods only.

The organic production method, controlled and certified by an international body, is a guarantee, since it forbids the use of animal flours, chemical additives and synthetic drugs in the feeds of livestock. As a matter of fact, this allows avoiding completely the problem of contamination by dioxin, and guarantees the consumers of safe and controlled products.

Italy is the main European producer of organic eggs. According to the Italian Organic Food Association (FederBio), the 15% of the Italian production is exported to Germany, with an increment in the last weeks of over the 70%. This is due to the opening of new hen farms by the main egg producers that until now were not involved in the production of organic products; the present situation of the German market is giving benefits to the Italian organic market.

by T N
07 february 2011, World News > Europe