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EU member states are testing food from Japan

Since Monday 28 March 2011 the EU member states take samples of food and feed from Japan to test for radioactivity. The initiative was implemented after a majority of the member states at a meeting in Brussels Thursday adopted a Regulation that imposes special conditions governing the import of feed and food from Japan following the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power station 11 March.

The EU Regulation instructs Danish importers to notify the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration prior to the arrival of food from Japan. Feed importers must notify the Danish Plant Directorate.

According to the new Regulation all food and feed from the contaminated areas of Japan must be accompanied by a statement documenting that the product complies with the applicable limits. EU member states are to test 10 percent of the lots from these areas.

From other parts of Japan, 20 percent of the lots are to be selected for testing.

Products must be detained until the outcome of the analysis of iodine and cesium are available (maximum five working days). The importers are to pay the expenses connected to testing and detaining.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration assesses that no radioactive contaminated products have been imported to Denmark up to now.

by S. C.
03 april 2011, World News > Europe