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UK helps Christmas tree farmer complete new plantation

Planting 5,000 trees this year was a momentous task and Clive was delighted Greg accepted his invitation to join him to mark the completion of the new plantation.

Clive has been growing and supplying Christmas trees to retail and commercial customers for over 20 years and recently launched an on-line shop that saw him supplying trees to customers as far away as Scotland and Wales.

A number of new trees are planted every year at Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm, but the new plantation of 5,000 trees is the largest investment in recent years. The business is sustainable and all the trees that are harvested get replaced.

Clive Collins said: “It was brilliant to meet the Minister and I was able to give him a tour of the farm. He was also interested in the fact that I am trying to make my business carbon neutral. The tree he helped to plant is two years old and will take about seven years to grow into a 6ft tree.”

Clive, a former forester, realised his dream to run a Christmas Tree Farm despite being in a wheelchair. Christmas trees need to be cared for all year round and shaped so they are perfectly formed for customers. Clive is able to do a lot of the farm work himself thanks to specially adapted equipment and a team of local people who help him with the work he can’t do.

Speaking in Catsfield, Greg said: “It has not been an easy road for Clive and growing Christmas trees requires a lot of physical hard work. I admire Clive’s determination to use the skills he learnt before his accident to build a successful local business which is growing year-on-year.

“As Minister for Climate Change, I am also pleased that Clive is aiming to make his operation carbon neutral in the near future and is currently having a wood burning system installed to provide heating.”

by S. C.
01 august 2011, World News > Europe