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For France Monini is the best extra virgin olive oil

According to the tests of the French Institut National de la Consummation, the extra virgin olive oil Monini from Umbria, Italy, shows the best sensorial and organoleptic characteristics

According to the French there is no competition: the very best extra virgin olive oil sold in France is an Italian one, the Monini Classico by the famous Monini farm of Spoleto. This is the result of a survey held by the respected journal “60 milions de consummateurs” edited by the Institute National de la Consummation (INC). The article presents the results of an independent research about all the oils sold in the country.

The work started by considering a series of articles, both French and foreigner, about the quality and the origin of raw materials for food and for once, the renowned love of French for French products was put aside. The extra virgin olive oil produced by the almost-hundred year old farm in Spoleto outperforms all the other 19 brands taken into account. A panel of experts performed the tasting of the oils and the result of tasting formed the 50% of the final score of each oil. The other 50% of the score was awarded after a deep physic-chemical analysis of the products that took into account the oxidation values, the hydrolytic unbalance (an index that evaluates the degradation of triglycerides) and the levels of fatty acids, stigmastadyns and alchilic esters (all markers of the oil purity).

From these test the highest overall score, 19.5 out of 20, and the highest evaluation in all categories was achieved by Monini Classico. The group of oils chosen was quite diverse, but it is noteworthy that the second oil in the ladder, with a score of 19/20 was an extra virgin olive oil from Provence with a price more then triple then Monini (€ 29.30/liter vs. 9.85/liter of Monini). The ladder then presents many other different oils, both in terms of quality and price, coming from France, Italy, Spain and Palestine.

This is an important achievement for the Italian farm and it is added to a long list of other recent successes of them. For instance, just a few days ago Monini presented and broadcasted a new advertisemsent of the Italian television realized by a pool of high profile international artists. Moreover, the farm recently presented its efforts in achieving high eco-friendly standards and adopted a new bottle for its top band products with a super high quantity of recycled glass (80% circa).

Finally in few days it will start the 55th Festival dei 2 Mondi (June 29th – July 15th) sponsored by Monini, an important international art festival held in Spoleto. For a lot of French people it will be the occasion to go to the source of this celebrated oil.

Source: Anita Lissona

by S. C.
06 august 2012, World News > Europe