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Thousands of Clare farmers have so far benefited from the 22.5 million euro

Senator Mulcahy was commenting after the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney, TD, yesterday launched the initial payments run for the SFP.

According to Senator Mulcahy: “Up to Thursday, 18 October, 5,561 or 92.1% of Clare farmers had received payments totalling 20,766,292 euro. A further 1,777,513 euro is scheduled to be paid out to a further 476 farmers. The percentage of payments made in County Clare is currently higher than the national average of approximately 88.7%.”

Senator Mulcahy said he welcomed the Minister’s commitment to processing payments to farmers at the earliest possible date, subject to the necessary requirements of the scheme being met.

He said the issuing of payments will assist farmers in overcoming the difficulties currently being experienced as a result of the wet weather this year.

Senator Mulcahy explained: “Farming is a vital source of employment in rural communities across County Clare. However, farmers have experienced a very tough year due to the poor weather. The high rainfall and the lack of sunlight have had a major impact on their ability to produce silage, meaning they have to move their cattle indoors and buy feed. The serious financial impact of the unseasonably bad weather this summer is continuing to affect farmers across Clare, with the Irish Farmers Association estimating that the bad weather could cost the national agri-food sector up to €100 million this year.

“The commencement of the initial payments run for the SFP will give the farmers involved a certain amount of security about the income and will make it a little easier to plan for the rest of 2012 and the beginning of next year,” he concluded.

by S. C.
23 october 2012, World News > Europe