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European school fruit scheme

The Commission reported to the ministers about the implementation of the European school fruit scheme.
The content of the report will be studied carefully by delegations in the context of the framework of the CAP reform and will be debated at a next meeting of the Special Committee for Agriculture (SCA).
The report shows that more than 8 million children and 54,000 schools benefited from the school fruit scheme in 2010/11. The EU budget of this scheme is currently set at EUR 90 millions per year; the implementation of the scheme is based on co-financing.
Although the scheme only started in the autumn of 2009, initial results show that it has been successfully embedded in member states that have chosen to implement it and that its efficiency is increasing. The short-term results indicate that the scheme has led to an increase in the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed by children and the report concludes that in the long-term, it could constitute an appropriate tool to exercise positive influence on children's eating habits.

by S. C.
29 january 2013, World News > Europe