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The Dairy market in Europe is worth just over 140billion Euro

Food For Thought presents in its report separate estimates for each of these segments before arriving to the aggregate sales number presented.

Natural cheese is the largest segment of the market, with just around 1/3 of sales expressed in blended retail and foodservice buy-in prices, followed by liquid milk. Condensed milk is the least popular segment.

The aggregate market is not growing when considered in value terms, but there are notable differences by segment, which is why the report is a useful tool in the hands of strategy decision makers. Yoghurt is one of the growth segments highlighted in the report whilst egg market value is declining, possibly due to increased health awareness in the developing parts of Europe.

Foodservice represents under 15% of the market, but there are substantial variations across the specific product segments in this category.

As it would be expected, the supply is rather fragmented, with top-8 players accounting for 34% of the aggregate market. Lactalis is the most important player identified on the pan-regional scale, however, the market structure is very different at the individual category and/or country level and the report is useful tool for identifying gaps in the market and business opportunities.

Even though own-label has a reasonably strong foothold in this market, with about 20% of the aggregate sales, the percentage is increasing and this category may well represent an opportunity for new business development.

The Dairy research is Europe is available at:

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06 march 2013, World News > Europe