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Ireland’s Wildlife teams up with Europe’s leading bird food specialist

CJ Wildlife ( (, Europe’s leading bird food provider, has become the Official Bird Food Partner of Ireland’s Wildlife ( ( the country’s leading independent wildlife and nature website.

Feeding garden birds is one way we can all do our bit to help our native wildlife. Our small birds are under incredible pressure, especially during the winter months when their natural food is scarce, days are short and nights are long and cold. They have to pack enough energy in during daylight hours to sustain them through the darkness, and the food we offer in our gardens can be the difference between life and death for some.

“Changes in farming practices and the ongoing development of open spaces in urban areas have dramatically curtailed the areas our wild birds can forage in,” explained Calvin Jones, founder and managing editor of Ireland’s Wildlife.

“The intensification of farming in particular has reduced the amount of natural food available to birds -- particularly the wild seed that so many of our native species rely on to see them through the winter. Set against that backdrop our gardens have become increasingly important to birds and other wildlife over recent years, not just in towns but also in the countryside.”

Of course feeding birds doesn’t just benefit the birds -- it also adds a wild dimension to our own lives. Birds bring a welcome splash of colour and activity to drab and dreary winter days, and help us to rekindle a connection with the natural world that is so often absent from our hectic modern lives.

“This partnership with CJ Wildlife is an important development that will help Ireland’s Wildlife to highlight the importance of feeding our garden birds not just in winter but all year round,” said Calvin. “We’ll be sharing photographs, publishing hints and tips and offering garden bird identification pointers through our popular page on Facebook, our Twitter account and of course through the Ireland’s Wildlife website.”

Speaking for CJ Wildlife, Marketing and PR coordinator Charlotte Jones highlighted the shared passion at the core of this new partnership.

“We are proud to be the official garden bird food partner of Ireland’s Wildlife; we’re confident that our shared passion and knowledge will enable us to provide useful and relevant resources and products to benefit Irish wildlife,” she said.

by S. C.
14 january 2014, World News > Europe