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What “Italian” extra virgin olive oil was sold in Germany?

The supermarket Rewe under investigation. The group would buy huge quantities of oil rancid or obtained from suspicious mixtures connected with the Italian police operations Arbequino and Fuente

In a substantial article that does not spare anyone the German magazine Focus online accuses supermarkets Rewe, one of the largest chains in Germany, and an Italian company, guilty of having introduced on the German market rancid olive oil, or mixtures suspect that have nothing to do with the extra virgin olive oil.

German consumers were convinced that it was true extra virgin Italy (Olivenöl aus Italien) when in fact the oil in the mixture have different backgrounds and there would also be striking oil.

According to the German newspaper Rewe is accused to have sold 4 million gallons in 2010 but also smaller quantities in 2011 and 2012.

The supermarket chain Rewe has been quick to call themselves the victim of a scam, while journalists cite as a source operation Arbequino, the investigation of the pm Aldo Natalini and Italian police.

The oil arrived in Germany, in fact, would come just from the companies involved in the investigation proceedings.

The scandal Arbequino operation, and the derivative Fuente, extends to other European countries.

by S. C.
19 june 2014, World News > Europe