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Three major Italian research institutions join forces with FAO

Collaboration to focus on sustainable food production, inclusive value chains. The three research agencies together employ over 10,000 scientists in more than 100 institutes across Italy

S. C.

World Expo can give new impetus to efforts to eradicate hunger

"Milan Charter" will help spur global dialogue on pivotal role of hunger and malnutrition in sustainable development

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Italy remained olive oil leader

Extra virgin oilve oil accounted for 73.5% of total sales in Italy, followed by olive oil with 22.5%. International sales fell by 14.7% in 2013 over the previous year

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The wine landscape Langhe Roero and Monferrato is Unesco Heritage

The news comes from the 38th World Heritage Committee of Unesco still going on in Doha, Qatar. "Unesco has recognized, with the inclusion of the Langhe- Roero and Monferrato in its list of excellence, the essentiality of agriculture and farmers as watchmen in the conservation of the landscape. " said the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Maurizio Martina

S. C.

The olive tree is the king of woody agricultural crops in Italy

For eight of the twelve species of woody crops agricultural observed, almost 80% of the total area is determined to be no more than four varieties. The exceptions are olive, peach and nectarine and apricot

S. C.

Fake Italian wine: perfect anti-counterfeiting operation

The control activities, still in progress, concern in particular Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Liguria and have already led to the seizure of more than 30,000 bottles of wine labeled as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti DOCG and others

S. C.

EXPO Milan 2015 and November nutrition conference to galvanize action on food security

Graziano da Silva pointed out that 840 million people were chronically hungry, and more than 160 million children suffered from stunted growth, while some 2 billion people globally experienced various forms of malnutrition

S. C.

Franciacorta sales grow in 2014

Italian sparkling wine region Franciacorta Consorzio has announced that overall global sales of Franciacorta wines have grown 7% in volume and 9% in value since the start of the year

S. C.

Pdo and Pgi on the web, new tools of the Italian food promotion and protection

The agreement was signed between the Ministry of agricultural, eBay and Aicig

S. C.

The extra virgin olive oil from Liguria, the real one

Thanks to the Benedictines we had the first quality olive oil, from Taggiasca and Gentile, cultivated in their monastery of S. Maria del Canneto in Taggia

Fausto Borella

Marsala Vs Vernaccia. The charm of the competition for the first DOC

Every detail historical and cultural heritage is fundamental in marketing strategies. And so break out the "provincialism" claiming primates of all kinds should discern their own wine from all the others

S. C.

Italy says no to GM crops

"Our aim is to provide more autonomy of choice to the single states in regard to the GMOs" This declared the Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies, Maurizio Martina

S. C.

Olive oil, operation of the Italian authorities Icqrf and Coast Guard

A cistern of Spanish olive oil without transportation documents, thus subjected to the risk of changing the product’s origin, was seized Salerno

S. C.

No crisi for Italian wines: exports up by 37% from 2008

Year by year increases in international sales by now for the first time worth more than 5 billion euros and growth in 2013 by a further 7% over the previous year. In just five years, export have expanded 3,673 to 5,039 billion euros

S. C.

Dear New York Times, only the title is a pity

The strip that you've posted on 2014/01/24 is accurate and it expresses the reality. Inside the olive oil you are talking about there is nothing of Italy, absolutely nothing , and I'll explain

Gino Celletti

Icqrf and Pesaro Financial Guard against the false organic products from Asia and East Europe

Police has dislocated a criminal international association involving several persons among whom were operators from the organic products sector who imported from third countries corn for the zoo technical sector and, in some case, for human nutrition, falsely certificated as “organic”

S. C.

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