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Change of direction for Teatro Naturale

The new director of Teatro Naturale and Teatro Naturale International is Alberto Grimelli, co-founder and former managing editor of the magazines


Italian export wine value achieves 8% in the first semester

According to the analyses conducted by Assoenologi on wine exports, the aggregated data of the first part of the year shows positive data with the increase of the value collocated abroad from 2,16 to 2,35 billion euro

S. C.

In 2012 Italian agriculture quit crisis

Analysis tool of the National agri-food system, the Report on the state of agriculture, at its 10th edition was presented by Inea

S. C.

Italy controls GMO MON810 corn cultivation

The aim was to verify the real nature and origin of the maize planted last week in the Pordenone province

S. C.

Italy wants to ban GMO: "very positive signal for the Made in Italy"

Italy wants to adopt the safeguard clause of foreseen by the art.23 of the directive 2001/18/CE and/or adopt the protective measure following art. 34 of the regulation (CE) n.1829/2003

S. C.

Olive oil jugs in EU restaurants: : a cultural and legal battle defending consumers and producers

The Italian Minister of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies comments news of the European Commission’s withdrawal

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Green War. Italy discovered a traffic of false organic grains

"Green War" is the name of the inquiry run by Central Inspectorate for the protection of food quality and Prevention of Fraud and Revenue Guard Corps on imported soy, corn and flax of Ukrainian and Moldovan production which arrived in the EU mainly via Malta

S. C.

Olio Capitale 2013 welcomes 10,500 visitors

A record year, ever more international involvement. Puglia, Tuscany and Sardinia winners of the Concorso Olio Capitale competition

S. C.

A photo by Olio Capitale of the Italian olive oil market

It 'Apulian extra virgin the most desired by the Italians. Data reveals that regionalism is the characteristic most sought after by the Italians in an oil, followed by the certifications of quality and a guarantee of organic production

S. C.

Crisis doesn’t affect organic products

According to the latest data of the Fibl-Ifoam, between export and national consumption the turnover of the organic products in Italy is approximately 3 billion euro

S. C.

Valle del Belice, the historical and romantic home of the Sicilian olive trees

A single case, not only in Italy but also in Europe: two Stg to a single variety. Nocellara Belice expresses the fullness, complexity and aroma much like extra virgin as table olives

S. C.

Olio Capitale is back again, in a new location. The unique exhibition dedicated to extra-virgin olive oil

From 1 - 4 March 2013, in Trieste. The 7th edition will take place at the Stazione Marittima jetty, in the restored Magazzino 42. New key player for Olio Capitale’s seminars and cookery events: the Mediterranean Diet

R. T.

Yearbook of Italian agriculture

In 2011 in Italy the production value of the, agricultural, forestry and fishing industry, reached 51.8 billion euro

S. C.

Italian extra virgin olive oil conquest India

With 200-300 Million middle class persons and an open change mind, this is most exciting, challenging and complex market in the global food business. The opinions of two Indian chefs on Italian olive oil

Alberto Grimelli

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