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A Central Command in Hong Kong for Italian wineries to conquer Chinese market

The consortium has announced a word of advice and an invitation to the country’s entire wine sector to formulate a strong and united national strategy in order to conquer emerging markets

S. C.

For coffee lovers: TriestEspresso Expo

This leading business to business trade fair dedicated exclusively to coffee is scheduled from 25 to 27 October 2012 in Trieste

S. C.

Italy first European country for PDO, PGI and TSG products

the sectors with the highest number of recognitions are fruit and vegetables and cereals, cheese, the extra virgin olive oil and meat preparations

S. C.

Italian extra virgin olive oil is valuable. That's why is so often faked

In the fashion business, there are companies that sell rank counterfeits as “Made ​​in Italy.” Appparently in olive oil too: 8000 tons were recently seized from the Azienda Olearia Valpesana, important bulk olive oil business

Alberto Grimelli

Temporary modification of the disciplinary to manage the Parmiggiano Reggiano

Last week earthquake severely damaged 10 canteens where the Pdo Parmigiano Reggiano is stocked and caused the collapse of thousand of cheese forms

S. C.

Cibus 2012: four days, full of events

In the institutional area, realized in collaboration with Aicig and located in the 6th pavilion, will be presented the institutional communication activities

S. C.

The wine consumers habits in supermarket

Consumers seem to be rather unsure over criteria of choice and would therefore like to see large-scale distribution provide shelves that are easier to read, organised by type and Region


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