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International success for the sixth edition of Olio Capitale

A positive balance for the event in Trieste that is becoming every year more the capital of world of olive oil excellence. Big emotions during the proclamation of the winners of the competition


Olio Capitale at the 6th edition. We have to celebrate from 2 to 5 March in Trieste

More than just an exhibition: events, oil tasting, business meetings and the Olio Capitale olive oil competition. To partecipate the deadline is February 15th

R. T.

Italian Pdo, Pgi and Stg products

Italy is the world leader for the number of certificated productions, with 239 products in the Eu register, of which there are 149 Pdo, 88 Pgi and 2 Stg

Graziano Alderighi

Oil meets culture and becomes fashion

In Milan, Italy, capital city of fashion, tertiary and finance, there will be a big meeting for food experts and enthusiasts to celebrated the king of seasonings: oil. The Olio Officina Food Festival will open new ways to interpret oil

Maria Carla Squeo

Olio Capitale is ready to go: sixth edition

A successful format copied by others, already. Their added values are openness and the visibility they can grant to the exhibitors. From January it will be possible to send the sample selection

Graziano Alderighi

New decree on Italian wine labels

Authorized with a decree the reduction of the “bands” widths that have already been printed by the Polygraphic Institute and Zecca of the State and distributed among the bottling companies

R. T.

Italy show result of olive oil controls in restaurants

Only 7% of cases illicitness were found. During summer there were 1000 controls, carried out in restaurants, bars, pizzerias, pubs and other food stalls, in the biggest touristic centers

S. C.

Debate on food and safe for "Milan Expo 2015"

Presentation of a master plan to be proposed by AgoraAmbrosiana and TN for a global debate of Food Security and Nutrition in occasion of the international event

Alfonso Pascale, Enzo Lo Scalzo

Peaches on the beach

Italy is encouraging consumers to rediscover the Italian taste and the pleasure of summer fruits

S. C.

Italy wants more transparency for labels

More and more often happens that the information does not reach the consumer, because the writing is too small or they are put in difficult positions.

S. C.

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