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It arrives the “white, red and green red wine”, the Unity of Italy wine

The City of Wine association presents in a single bottle the wines of Italy; a selection of the most representative local grape varieties. The achiever is Roberto Cipresso


Extra virgin oilive oil tasting competition

The competition is addressed to professional women tasters of extra virgin and virgin olive oil and women who are simply estimators of olive oil

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Una: commemorative wine bottle to celebrate 150 Years of the Unity of Italy

The limited edition is not on sale and embraces significant symbolic values. The contents of the bottles, specifically designed by Aldo Cibic and Riccardo Facci, involved forty native grapes

Graziano Alderighi

3000 tons of olive oil seized

The investigation started with the seizure, last December, of a load of oil, of Tunisian origin, not Italian, as stated on the label, destined to the Chinese and Us markets

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In Pollica (Italy) a meeting on the Mediterranean Diet

The four communities symbol of the Mediterranean diet need to create a network to ensure continuity to the work and to gain visibility and protection at a local and global level

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Olio Capitale, Trieste calls

In Trieste, city of the far North-East of Italy, between the 18th and the 21st of March, there will be a chance to meet the very best extra virgin olive oils. The oil lovers will have the possibility to participate as members of the panels


Langhe e Monferrato as Unesco heritage

In the year when Italy celebrates the 150 years of unity, the heart of the cultural landscape of Piedmont becomes a candidate of the Unesco World Heritage

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