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Italianissimi defending the made in Italy in U.S.

This campaign, started the 1st December, aimed at raising awareness and promote the protection of Italian products in the U.S.

S. C.

The Italian Minister for Agriculture defends Nutella

The chocolate cream is an antidepressant for adults and a delight for children. So, what is Nutella? According to the Minister Giancarlo Galan, it is a “deity that cannot be eliminated”!


All you want to know about Italian wine market and production

For Doc and Docg wines, 13 million hectoliters produced in 2008, about the same for Igt ones. The consumption of origin controlled wines has dropped despite declines in prices

Graziano Alderighi

In Italy returns the time of wine: Vinitaly 2010

The vertical of six legendary vintages of Solaia by Marchesi Antinori is the “tasting-event” of the year. Not only work and business, also live music and poetry

Graziano Alderighi

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