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Also the Brunello di Montalcino goes via text message

For a better transparency the Brunello Conservation Association now opens to mobile phones. Now it is possible to get information about a bottle through a simple text message

S. C.

Italy against GM crops

After the ruling of administrative Court, the Ministry Zaia said: "we will respect the sentences but will use any tool available to safeguard farmers and consumers"

S. C.

New trends in olive oil are coming in Trieste

Fourth edition of Olio Capitale will begin the 5 March. An occasion to taste Italy and worldwide extra virgin but also the context that has provided a home for deciding on future directions for the olive oil sector


Celebrating the 15 years of the “Cities of the oil” in Italy

The “Cities of the Oil” initiative, lead by Enrico Lupi, is an extraordinary association that strongly affected the oil production system in Italy. Here, the Honorary Chairman Pasquale Di Lena reports on the association

Pasquale Di Lena

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