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Soon a Bancolat for Italy

Announced the Minister of agriculture food and forestry policies, speaking at the international event held at Bra, in province of Cuneo.

“Milk is an important and healthy product that everybody should consume. During the last few years a certain habit has spread and I think the trend should be encouraged: the distributors of raw milk. I have decided to install one of them at the Ministry, so that all the employees have the opportunity to get fresh milk.

This declared the Minister of agriculture food and forestry policies Luca Zaia, opening CHEES 2009 in Bra, in province of Cuneo.

“I would have expected that here at CHEESE, the event dedicated to this fantastic production, the Patron Carlin Petrini would thank me for having saved the Honey. It is notorious that the two products marry perfectly”.

"As for the milk crisis I am with the breeders, emphasized Zaia, considering that a liter of milk today is paid 28-30 cent while the production cost is 35-40 cents".

"Our requests in Europe must absolutely be recognised, that is we must have the possibility to introduce labels with origin of the product, considering that we produce 11,5 million tons of milk and we import 8 million tons".

“Still today the Italian citizens, Zaia concluded, cannot distinguish national and foreign milk”.

Source: Agricoltura Italiana On line

by S. C.
19 september 2009, World News > Italy