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80 meters of mozzarella

Cheesemakers in a small town near Naples beat their own record on Sunday by making the world's longest ever braid of mozzarella.

The team of 40 mozzarella makers from the town of Sala Consilina churned and twisted a weave 78.8m long and 10cm thick winning their third Guinness World Record in three years.

The cheese-weavers pulled the record off in just 78 minutes, 22 minutes less than regulations allow, for a cheese 22.3m longer than their record winner last year.

The main event of the town's local food fest, the endeavor transformed an entire city block into a mozzarella factory, requiring four tonnes of milk, half a tonne of curd and 100 kg of salt.

The competitors set their first record in 2007 with a plait 42.8m long.

by S. C.
02 october 2009, World News > Italy