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Horeses: more quality and legality

“We have 350 thousand horses raised in Italy, 84 thousands registered in the genealogical books and 40 thousands that run and compete, that are therefore part of the horseracing sector, to which we have dedicated and will dedicate a lot of attention. The work done together must be recognizes, it has transformed the strategic lines address that I have emanated in an industrial plan that will be the base of the re-launch of the sector”.

With these words the Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies Luca Zaia opened the press conference held after the inauguration of the 111th edition of Fieracavalli, in Verona.

“There are too many races in this Country”, said the Minister. “We must reduce them, increase their quality and focus on legality. Because, although there are some that try to intimidate us by sending bullets, it is not possible that the same horses win each time thus sending a shadow on the horseracing world that, for 99% is formed by nice people, who works with passion and dedication”.

“The Italian horse genetics wins all over the world. The decline of the sector is mainly due to a non attention paid to it by the institutions and the overwhelming majority of those involved in the sector. Therefore today we are all called to play our part to help the rise of it. As Government we have done our part: just a few days ago half of the allocated 150 million euros for the financing of the race prizes was given. We must be aware that we live a very difficult period and that we are all called to make sacrifices in order to give back a future to the sector, that is an important one even on the economic point of view: we cultivate, for example, 90 thousand hectares of land only for forages”.

The Minister then addressed himself to the numerous journalists present: “If the horseracing world still has some visibility is also thanks to the press that follows its developments and innovations. But I must say that we are tired to see in tv only football. I would like, sometimes, to see the news closed with a piece on horseracing. I would like that the 38 Italian race courses were recognised as places that are often surrounded by green, where it is possible to bring children so make them have their first contact with this fantastic world and this extraordinary animal. Horseracing, without a show, cannot exist”.

Source: Agricoltura italiana on line

by S. C.
09 november 2009, World News > Italy