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SMS consumers on your Iphone

“We give our citizens a more and more efficient, quick and useful service because they can effectively control what they carry on their tables and at what price. Informing on the importance of making right choices when buying food, especially during the current crisis, is an important objective. For this reason, like any manager would do and even more a public manager should do, we have taken advantage of all the possibilities that technology and innovation have to offer. And innovation, today, rhymes with web and smart phone”.

With these words the Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies Luca Zaia announced the launch of service SMS consumers on the IPhone.

The service Sms consumers, given by the Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies, is completely free. Using it people can receive information on the prices more than 80 alimentary products, either by going on website or typing on a mobile phone the number 47947. Inserting the name of the product you receive immediately the information on the prices, divided in geographic area.

From the 21 April 2008, the first day of the service, until today, 3.501.450 text messages have been received.

“I am very satisfied of the consumer’s answers: the numbers confirm that the citizens like this service that not only helps them orient themselves in the forest of prices, but allows also to signal eventual anomalies and to fight speculations at every level”, declared the Minister.

Source: Agricoltura italiana on line

by S. C.
13 november 2009, World News > Italy