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Naples pizza gets EU protection

Real Naples-style pizza on received a European Union quality seal protecting it from imitations.

The EU's quality food board awarded a long-sought TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) label to Naples' gift to food lovers.

Antonio Pace, President of the Real Neapolitan Pizza Association, called the TSG laurel ''a milestone and, above all, a way to stop stuff that isn't really pizza being touted as such,'' he said.

Neapolitan pizza-makers have been fighting for 25 years to have their unique product put on the EU's list of protected foods.

"Europe has finally rewarded the tenacity of the Naples producers," said Italian Agriculture Minister Luca Zaia.

"It is a symbol of Neapolitan tradition that has, for far too long, been the subject of dreadful imitations".

It noted that pizza was the best-known Italian word abroad followed by cappuccino, spaghetti and espresso. The pizza from the southern Italian city is universally recognised as the benchmark for pizza everywhere.

The leader of the Neapolitan association of pizzaiuoli, Sergio Miccu, said in the run-up to the award: ''Ours is a job that takes a year or a year and a half to learn and only by sticking close to people who can hand down all the secrets of this art,'' he said.

by S. C.
09 december 2009, World News > Italy