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Celebrating the 15 years of the “Cities of the oil” in Italy

The “Cities of the Oil” initiative, lead by Enrico Lupi, is an extraordinary association that strongly affected the oil production system in Italy. Here, the Honorary Chairman Pasquale Di Lena reports on the association

Pasquale Di Lena

The city of Spoleto, close to Assisi in Umbria, did a very nice dedication to the Cities of the oil association recalling the December 17th 1994, the day in which the association was born in Larino, Molise.

That tribute was given by the Umbria region that played a pivotal role in the startup period of the association, together with the then mayor of Trevi, Carlo Antonini, first chairman of the association, until 2000. Since 2000 the association chairman is Enrico Lupi that, thanks to the great support of many coworkers, gave a strong impulse to the improvement of the role and the prestige of the association.

Enrico Lupi, after his five year work experience with Carlo Antonini, was able to assert the association in its natural role of pivotal center for the oil culture and for the territories that expresses such a culture. Thanks to this work the association is now representative of over 350 different local institutions.

This is a very important result that awards the efforts and the passion of the mayors and the administrators of the territories, villages and towns involved in the olive and oil culture and production. Moreover, this awards all that people that, together with these protagonists and the aforementioned presidents, contributed with ideas and efforts to the born and the development of the association.

The association, as someone said during the anniversary celebration, was an extraordinary novelty in the oil field and was strongly effective on the olive culturing field, which is typically very concentrated on its own problems and quite close to novelties.

The idea at the basis of the association was to give to the olive and the oil a new tool to renew the field and to give new life to those territories that the crisis made marginal. Hence, a series of new initiatives were able to bring the Cities of the oil all around Italy and the world.

by Pasquale Di Lena
04 january 2010, World News > Italy