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Italy, the future of bees

The Minister of agriculture food and forestry policies announced the decision to keep in force until 2010 the decree that suspended the use of neonicotinoids for maize tannery.

"The numbers are clear: this year, after the suspension, there have been only two cases bees’ death, against the 185 of last year. We cannot ignore this data nor can we abandon our 75 thousand bee-keepers and the more than one million bee hives that we have in Italy".

"We do not want to penalize anybody. It is a prudential suspension of judgment in order to conciliate all the productive sectors and to find a definitive and common solution that safeguards the bees, fundamental for the survival of our agriculture, and that at the same time answers the needs of such an important sector like the maize one".
Partecipano: Claudio Porrini, Francesco Panella, Agrofarma, Cinzia Scaffidi, Associazione italiana sementi, FAI

Source: Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies, Italy

by S. C.
04 january 2010, World News > Italy