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New trends in olive oil are coming in Trieste

Fourth edition of Olio Capitale will begin the 5 March. An occasion to taste Italy and worldwide extra virgin but also the context that has provided a home for deciding on future directions for the olive oil sector

Preparations are in full swing for the fourth edition of “Olio Capitale”, the Salon of typical, quality extravirgin olive oils organised by Fiera Trieste, and the 2010 calendar is brimming with

The olive-growing countryside has been generous for its cultivators both in Italy and
worldwide, and indeed all expectations have been confirmed: according to official sources a
production of around 510,000 tonnes of olive oil is expected. At the moment this figure is based on official estimates, currently showing a positive trend, with abundant production in Puglia, Calabria and Sicily; these are the areas best suited for olive cultivation, yielding large volumes of the product. And of course Italy is well known for its long, thin shape, which means that it never splits uniformly. This year central Italy has suffered most, in particular Regions such as Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio – these have seen a fall in order volume of 25-30%. But there have been positive trends for the olive regions of northern Italy, Liguria and Lake Garda, enjoying 15-20% growth in product orders.

“We are particularly satisfied with these trends,” noted Fulvio Bronzi, president of Fiera Trieste. “It is very reassuring to know that the fourth edition of Olio Capitale will be backed by a production of extremely high volume, as well as by a quality that rewards the efforts put in by the olive-growers.”

Bronzi went on to explain that “Fiera Trieste will certainly be offering increasingly well organised and attractive initiatives to entice the visiting public, whether professional or amateur, and this year the events will have international resonance.”

The satisfaction of Fiera Trieste president Fulvio Bronzi is even more warranted considering that an annual study into cities and quality of life carried out by the financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore has awarded the Province of Trieste top position in Italy. So a visit to Olio Capitale is now a splendid opportunity to visit a place that is not just welcoming, but one that offers a rich history and an attractive environment, enhanced by Giulia’s olive groves.

Olio Capitale has now in fact become a consolidated reference point, and the date 5 to 8 March 2010 is a must for the diary. This is certainly the context that has provided a home for all olivegrowing enterprises in Italy, a place to meet and decide on future directions. Olive-growing areas in Italy cover over one million hectares and involve as many producers, two-thirds of whom are in the south. So Italy clearly has a large number of passionate olive-growers, who grow over 500 different varieties of olive tree: a truly enviable treasure. This immense genetic heritage – duly protected, conserved and enhanced in Italy – in fact represents more than 40% of the worldwide total. To date the European Union has attributed 38 designations of origin (denominazioni d’origine) to Italy, all regarding olive-growing regions, led by Sicily (6 DOP), followed by Puglia (5 DOP) and Tuscany (1 PGI and 3 DOP).
It only remains to make direct contact with the very best that the Italian olive-growing industry has to offer. During the event in Trieste it will be possible for everyone to get to know the goodness and special characteristics of the many different extravirgin olive oils on show, sampling them one by one and experiencing their perfume, smell, taste, appearance … a feast for the senses. In fact, when tasted these oils express themselves in a multitude of ways, with aromas ranging from artichoke to tomato, from almond to aromatic herbs.
Scheduled for 5 to 8 March 2010 in Trieste, the fourth edition of Olio Capitale, the Salon of typical, quality extravirgin olive oils, will be packed with activities, and will certainly represent the new trends of the olive-oil industry both in Italy and worldwide. Working alongside Fiera Trieste on the organisation will be the Associazione Nazionale delle Città dell’Olio (national association of olive oil cities), while as media partner there will be the weekly Teatro Naturale (natural theatre), leading publication on olive oil.

by T N
01 february 2010, World News > Italy