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GMO's, Italy: an ethical label to help consumers

The Minister of agricultural food and forestry re-addresses the Gmo issue, launching the idea of an ethical label that guarantees both the consumers and the producers adverse to Gmo products.

“I read some reactions to the sentence of the State’s Council on the Gmo and it seems to me that they do not take into account what the majority of Italian, and European, citizens want; those who with increansingly loud voices ask for quality, traceability and transparency of the products. I think we must decide on how to answer such requests, that of course clash with the interests of the Corporations and of a few national producers. I ask myself if the proposal of an ethical Gmo-free label would help the Italian consumers to see that their will is respected right down to the shelves of the stores and of malls”.

With these words the Minister of agricultural food and forestry Luca Zaia re-addresses the Gmo issue, launching the idea of an ethical label that guarantees both the consumers and the producers adverse to Gmo products.

“A label, the Minister continued, that would enable to guarantee to the overwhelming majority of producers the possibility of continuing to work for a safe and quality agriculture and that is more attuned to the cultural, productive and even commercial conformation of our territories”.

“It is also true that today, even if in a restricted measure, there is the free circulation of Gmo seeds. The problem is containing the phenomenon, non develop it: and thus support the economic and identitarian structure that better represents us in the world”.

“I ask the supporters of the Frankenstein’s revolution, Zaia declares, if the Italian products abroad are more known for their differences, and therefore for the biodiversity that is at its base, or for the homologation. And I ask if a process that irreversibly would make us equal to all the Countries that do not have quality agriculture would enable us, also from the economic point of view, to help our agricultural enterprises. I want to underline that Gmo’s are not the answer to a market where ours foods are confronted with those sold at very low prices because produced in Countries that pay their labourers two euro per day, like India, or five euro per day, like China. The answer to these problems is serious policy that impose traceability and labelling of the agrifood products”.

“Concluding I remind everybody that 72% of the Italian consumers - and I believe the percentage remains the same if we ask consumers of the whole western world - has declared its will to spend more in order to eat food whose quality is guaranteed. And the citizens have many times over said no to seeds’ manipulation. This does not mean to be against modernity, but to give limits to the superpower of some economic subjects. If to this, an ethical label is needed then such label will be made”.

Source: Agricoltura italiana on line

by S. C.
03 february 2010, World News > Italy