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Also the Brunello di Montalcino goes via text message

For a better transparency the Brunello Conservation Association now opens to mobile phones. Now it is possible to get information about a bottle through a simple text message

A text to get information about a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino; this is the last idea of the Brunello Conservation Association.

In order to grant the highest transparency to the customers, some years ago the Association implemented the possibility to trace each bottle through its web site. Now the system has been further improved by allowing the customer to have the same service by means of an easy mobile text message.

The text should have the following characteristics: it should report the three letters (in capital) and the eight numbers which appear on the strip around the cork and the bottle capacity (e.g. 0.75 for a standard bottle, by using a comma and not a dot as decimal separator). The text should be sent to +39.366.3008880.

In some minutes a text is received back reporting: the year, the number of bottles produced in the same stock, the quality certification number, the relevant analytic data, the name of the producer with address, telephone number and web site.

by S. C.
01 march 2010, World News > Italy