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The Italian Minister for Agriculture defends Nutella

The chocolate cream is an antidepressant for adults and a delight for children. So, what is Nutella? According to the Minister Giancarlo Galan, it is a “deity that cannot be eliminated”!

Giancarlo Galan sides for Nutella after the recent decisions taken by the EU about the nutritional profiles.

The Minister declared that: “I defend Nutella because I protect the noble confectionary art of my region, Veneto. Moreover, there are so fine confectionary industries around Verona that I would feel like a treacherous if I would not side for the generations of happy children and depressed adults that saw Nutella as an essential deity in their life. And moreover, don’t touch Panettone and Pandoro!”.

“Then, I expect a soon approval by the Parliament of the Labeling Bill. This is a very important law that, in the name of transparency, will grant full guaranties to consumers about the origin of the packaging materials”.

by T N
05 july 2010, World News > Italy