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Grana Padano sponsors International Day of Italian Cuisine

The Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Grana Padano - the world's best selling PDO cheese that has been an integral part of Italy's gastronomic tradition for 1,000 years - is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 4th edition of the “International Day of Italian Cuisine” (IDIC) in New York City. On January 12th and 13th, Grana Padano PDO, the choice of cheese lovers around the world, will be a sponsor for the culinary workshop and the Pesto Championship ‘Cook-Off.’ The festivities will culminate on January 17th when renowned chefs from around the world will all prepare this year’s featured dish, Pesto Genovese,’ with a simulcast from the Italian Culinary Academy in New York City.

The youngest three-star Michelin chef in Italy, Massimiliano Alajmo, has been chosen to lead the event and prepare the gala dinner where he will be creating Pesto Genovese, a traditional Italian specialty, with Grana Padano cheese. “My culinary philosophy: The truth lies in the ingredients,” says Alajmo. “I seek to bring out the essence of the produce with humility, and try to act consistently, respectfully, and with a light touch.”

Leading chefs from all over the world are participating in a variety of events to celebrate the International Day of Italian Cuisine and to promote understanding of Italy’s time-honored culinary traditions, created to ensure that consumers worldwide can enjoy a consistently high standard when visiting Italian establishments. The founding ideology of the IDIC is to dispel any confusion about traditional Italian dishes and guarantee that they are prepared in an authentic Italian manner. Such is the case of Pesto Genovese, which will be created via teleconference by chefs all around the world on January 17th. Grana Padano will be the exclusive cheese used in the preparation of this traditional dish that has been called “an ageless benchmark of great Italian cuisine.”

“We are delighted to be part of this important series of events celebrating Italy as a leader in the culinary world,” said Elisabetta Serraiotto, who is responsible for Marketing and Communications at the Grana Padano Consortium. “We are proud to share our heritage with those who are as excited about the importance and history of Italian products as we are.”

Grana Padano is produced under strict guidelines in order to ensure that it’s prepared to the highest standards according to the PDO – ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ – recognition given by the European Community. Low in fat compared to other cheeses and lactose-free, Grana Padano is a versatile cheese with a sweet, nutty flavored taste that can be grated over pasta, served as an ‘antipasto’ or eaten as part of an easy, healthy delicious meal. Aged from nine months to 24 and up, Grana Padano pairs well with a variety of cuisines and makes an ideal part of a healthy diet.

Grana Padano can be purchased at leading fine food retailers across the country, including Central Market, Trader Joe’s Whole Foods, Costco and Eataly, as well as online at —the e-commerce site carrying the best artisan foods of Italy and rich culinary traditions behind each hand-selected product.

by S. C.
05 january 2011, World News > Italy