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Law decree on labels

Clear and transparent labels: this is the best way to protect the health of consumers and an answer to the frauds that endanger the quality of the made in Italy food.

"Finally, the obligation to write on the label the place of origin or provenance of food products is law. This important step towards the complete and clear information to consumers about the products they buy and consume I hope will be a strong signal to Europe in the direction of true traceability of food products. Now, Italians can buy even safer products, because they will always know where they come from. It 's the end of the false Made in Italy, food that hurts our local and traditional products. I hope that Europe acknowledges the need to protect consumers with clear and transparent information. The recent and repeated warnings related to dioxin in Germany, but not only, confirm the need to reassure people that really want to know what they eat, and the origin of ingredients used. An informed consumer is not afraid to buy and does not give in to the "Cassandras" that often cause untold damage to the quality Italian production. I thank for this important achievement, of which I am proud, the parliamentary majority and opposition and the Chairmen of the Senate and House of Deputies Committees of Agriculture Paolo Scarpa Bonazza Buora and Paolo Russo: their determination and commitment have given us an avant-garde law that I hope will set an example in Europe. Our job, in fact, is not finished and will continue in Brussels. As a matter of fact, even more ambitious results can be achieved with seriousness and determination". This declared the Minister of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies, Giancarlo Galan.

Source: Agricoltura italiana on line

by S. C.
19 january 2011, World News > Italy